Performing comedy on the streets of New York City
required a level of funny that Ventriloquist Anthony Thomas and
Leroy delivered for years! But it also extracted a price.
Now the Dummy, is telling his side of the story in...
AKA Comedy on the streets
A true story told by a real persons Alter Ego

In this book the dummy really does speak! Actually, he tells the whole story
.Here is the true account, filmed and documented. Of Ventriloquist Anthony
Thomas and Leroy, one of the funniest comedy teams to perform on the
street corners of New York City. Told as only Leroy can tell it, in his bold,
brash, hip, colorful, funny style.

Here-in is an amazing story of artistic and personal struggles, persistence,
perserverance and raw talent. It is s story of the people, places and
triumphs. The grind of a comedic hustler. The transient life of a struggling
artist, the loses and gains. All set in this great metropolis. From they're
beginning in 1973 to the tragic day they're street performing ended,
September 11th 2001

Leroy's Memoirs
includes video of actual performance guaranteed to make
you laugh real tears and change the way you think about Dummies...forever!

 Book and Video Available July 31 2014

Contact Information:
Anthony Thomas: 404 207-4774
Peter Ramdass: 917 821-8212
"Anthony was taking too long, so I took
matters into my own hands, and wrote
the book...besdes, we need the money"!
"Man, if you don't get your hands off
me...I'm gonna knock those glasses off
your face"!
Performing outside the World Trade Center
"You see...I warned you"!